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MATOKI Earthventure #005

MATOKI Earthventure #005


At present, what we supposed to do is to try our best in every thing we should do.

Being in love? I think not.

B.A.P has the image of strong and powerful to many babies.

From the oldest two members, Bang and Himchan, to the youngest member, Zelo;

they are all full of charisma, especially the youngust one, Zelo.

Athough Zelo is only in his 17, he always plays very well in his roll, being a great and powerful rapper.

However, when B.A.P’s off the stage, they are all very cute and smiling.

It’s been a while since last CB. How are you guys doin’?

Bang: We’re quite good! We’ve been practicing hard in order to meet our fans earlier.

Your Music Video is soooo cool! Is there any episode while shooting your MV?

Z: Umm… It was awful exhausted. We soaked in the green paint water, and the paint are all over our bodies and it has made our skins into a very bad condition… also, the music video started at midnight… therefore, we had to wear our wet shoes till morning.

Himchan: I’m the last one to shoot my music video, I didn’t feel that exhausted…(LOL)

Your music video is in a huge scale, I think the costs must have been a lot as well…

Bang: Yes, it is. Our music video cost about  hundreds of  millions I think. The staffs spent for over three months to accomplish the spaceship. It was just like the Hollywood movie, it was sooooo much fun!

Dis you guys got any hurts?

Bang: Of course we did! The make-ups costed our skins a lot trouble… and there was a kicking part in our dance, I was kicked by Zelo and my face bled…

Zelo: I am soooo sorry about that… I didn’t mean it!

Bang: It’s ok, I understand (smiles). Moreover, the green paints are still on our bodies, and we don’t know any way to get rid of it… also, our bodies hurts a lot because of the violent dances…

It seems to be a very hard shooting experience…. isn’t there any funny episods (LOL)?

Daehyung: The music vedio took place by the beach where there are no toilets, so we didn’t release ourselves for many hours… However, I had finally run under to the bridge and used the toilet; while I was enjoying my pee time, there was some soldiers sitting in a car and moved toward me and said hello… I hope only if they didn’t see any thing…(LOL)

In your busy schedules, you have no time to meet your parants, right?

Jongup: Yes, that’s ture… But I had once secretly went back home and my family was  really shocked by me; my older brother even thought I am a thief (LOL).

Himchan: I had the same experience as well. My mom screamed out loud and my father seemed to be a little angry of getting shocked by me (LOL).

I believe that getting great improvements on your album will be the best  repay for your families, right?

Youngjae: Yes. We do work very very hard everyday in order to achieve our goals. Being in love? I think not. At present, we only do what we supposed to do and try our best in every thing we do.











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Comin’ Back with their Second New Mini Album《Power》, B.A.P had an interview with us at

In our magazine ‘HanryuPIA no.6/30’, B.A.P will appear in a special issue. Our premium poster with ‘HanryuPIA no.6/30’ will be B.A.P; serialize in ‘HanryuPIA’ which is about B.A.P is getting started as well! WOW~

This is the second time of B.A.P’s appearance in ‘HanryuPIA’. The first time we got an interview with B.A.P is on February, right after their debut. This time, they had come back with their Second new Mini Album《Power》and their hair styles and color had changed a lot! B.A.P’s interview with ‘HanryuPIA’ in Seoul is comin’ right up.

<Photo shootin of the Warrior Style B.A.P! Charisma MAX!>

We had the interview in the evening; the six boys stay powerfully even the time is kinda late. Himchan greeted us by using Japanese sayin’, “Long time no see, how r u?”. The six boys ate all of the snacks which we brought from Japan for them. “They didn’t have dinner yet, did they?” the manager answered a “yes”. (Poor little guys…) Then, we decided to order some food from takeaway. What did the boys ate? And who helped to order food? Pls look out for the answers in our ‘HanryuPIA’ magazine!

<Checkin on the monitor, Himchan!>

The new serialize in ‘HanryuPIA’ of B.A.P is goin’ to be a ‘Q&A’ of each member to the other members. The FIRST two members are… Our B.A.P’s “Mangnae LINE”!!!

<These r the two in a cutie fashion look>

There will be sth. else for the other members. Something like missions…↓


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